RIN is a collaboration between Shikada Shitsurai items and artisans from local regions.

RIN series products are crafted by skilled craftsmen using the bamboo and rattan materials produced for Shikada Shitsurai. The Chikugo region in the southern part of Fukuoka, Kyushu, is one of the largest producers of traditional handicrafts. This product line includes flower vases made from wooden frames crafted by artisans at Okawa Kagu then blended with textures, as well as partitions incorporating a combination of Shikada Shitsurai Shikisai sudare screens with rattan frames.

Features of Rin


Features of Rin

  • Craftwork created solely through Japanese craftsmanship.
  • Featuring more products on a continual basis for incorporating Japanese aesthetics into any space.
  • Carefully selected by Shikada Shitsurai to reflect the transition of the four seasons.

Examples of RIN Products

Sudare partitions
Low type W1200 x H1050 x D290 mm
High type W1200 x H1350 x D290 mm

Choose from any of our selection of Shikisai sudare materials to be hung from a rattan frame designed to resemble a kimono hanger.

Sudare wall-mounted flower vase
W170×H440×D55 ㎜


Sudare wall-mounted frame
W1270×H290×D35 ㎜

A wall-mounted flower vase ideal for seasonal flowers, and a wall-mounted ornament that can be installed either vertically or horizontally. Choose from any of our selection of Shikisai textures to be used inside the solid-wood frame.

Floor lightshade with Japanese hand-made Yame paper  [Lamp not included]
W270×H270×D270 ㎜

Yame’s hand-made Japanese paper has the longest history in the whole of Kyushu. This floor lightshade uses three identical stories of boxes formed from hand-made Japanese paper.

Lounge chair
Rattan seat with Okawa pleated kumiki frame

The seat is made by weaving rattan materials in a zig-zag pattern, and is comfortable to sit in. The side of the solid walnut frame is decorated with pleated kumiki (traditional Japanese joinery) using techniques from Okawa Kagu. This lounge chair is ideal for a space to relax in.

W610 × H700 × D700 × SH250~350
Two-panel sudare screen

This partition uses wooden frames crafted by the skillful artisans at Okawa Kagu, together with Shikisai textures.

W2100 (× two pieces) × H1510 × D38


Shitsurai with RIN

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