The SHIKADA Concept

SHIKADA SANGYO offers SHIKADA WOVEN, traditional Japanese woven bamboo, globally as an interior decorating material. We have continuously produced traditional Japanese SHIKADA WOVEN material since our founding in 1912. We produce our products from sustainable bamboo, which grows quickly and is friendly to the environment. Despite being rigid and durable, bamboo can be used to create supple and soft shapes.


SHIKADA WOVEN converts round bamboo with a diameter of approximately 10 cm into thin strips of bamboo with a diameter of approximately 1.2 mm to 12 mm. Material made by weaving these thin strips of bamboo together is called sudare in Japan. Sudare is produced and stocked in rolls with a maximum width of 2.4 m and maximum length of 40 m. Sudare is characterized by its fine delicacy and can be used to create both beautiful curves and sharp lines. Decorations leveraging its maximum dimensions can also be used to create dynamic spaces. In addition to this, SHIKADA WOVEN can also be used to produce elegant spaces because it allows air and light to pass through.