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President’s Message

President’s Message


We want to convey shitsurai culture and deliver the comfort and peace of natural materials to Japan and to the world.

Since the first year of the Taisho period (1912 AD), we have worked to manufacture Yame sudare, one type of crafted product originating in the bamboo producing region of Yame. Thin strips whittled from bamboo canes are traditionally used for regional handicrafts, such as Yame lanterns and bamboo-ware. Yame Sudare is one such handicraft: a bamboo blind made by weaving bamboo strips one by one with a loom. It has been recognized as a specialty craft of cultural significance by the prefectural governor.

Japan is home to a form of animism called Shinto involving the worships of a myriad of deities. Since ancient times, Shinto has considered bamboo to a sacred plant, serving as the dwelling place of deities. Sudare blinds made of bamboo are indoor shitsurai furnishings known as “misu” that demarcate the boundary between the spiritual realm and the secular world.

In addition to Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, indoor bamboo sudare blinds are also used to decorate guest rooms. Unlike the styles of modern interior design, they are used when welcoming guests and when holding seasonal events.

Ever since our establishment, we have grown as a company that sells interior furnishing products made of natural materials such as bamboo, in order to fulfill the mission of conveying shitsurai culture to domestic customers and international customers who hold an interest in Japan. Going forward, we will continue to advocate indoor spaces furnished with Yame Sudare, a craft product made with local materials, along with other products made of natural materials. We hope that you incorporate products made of natural materials in your residential and commercial spaces, so as to enjoy a life decorated by the bounty of nature throughout the four seasons.

With teams that study shitsurai culture and shitsurai space coordination, as well as an organization for employees to learn to pursue 5S (Sort, Set In order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) and other in-house improvements, we work to develop our company so that all of our employees can act with initiative under a new philosophy and direction.

Going forward, under our philosophy of seeking to contribute to society by delivering the comfort and peace of natural materials through traditional techniques and aiming to become a world recognized brand, we will strive to bring satisfaction to people around the world with our products.

Kazumasa Shikada

Kazumasa Shikada, President