List of Catalogs

List of Catalogs

Thank you for considering Shikada Sangyo’s products.

In addition to the information on this website, we can send you handy paper catalogs showcasing made-to-order sudare blinds and floorboards, as well as a binder featuring texture samples. To request a catalog or binder, please use our inquiry form.

If you wish to view the contents of the catalogs before they arrive, you are welcome to download the e-catalogs below. If you are considering to purchase products listed in the Shikisai catalog, we recommend that you see the actual products or samples.


Corporate Profile

Download the Shikada Sangyo Corporate Profile

Traditionally Crafted Sudare

Shikada Shitsurai

Our Yame Sudare Manyo range has been recognized as a specialty craft of cultural significance by the governor of Fukuoka Prefecture. This catalog provides product specifications and price lists for ozashiki sudare, interior sudare, and sudare for Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. The catalog has been revised so that you can choose from a full range of custom-made specifications to suit many different modern living arrangements. You can select the size, the texture, the edge, the tassels, the brackets/mounting metals, and many other options to suit a variety of designs and purposes in any kind of space, ranging from elegant Japanese rooms to modern Western-style areas.

Download the Yame Sudare Manyo catalog


Manyo brochure

Shikada Shitsurai

Download the Yame Sudare Manyo brochure

We have created this brochure so that a wide range of people can become more familiar with sudare, furnishing that functions within a traditional culture of hospitality called Shitsurai in Japan to produce an atmospheric, comfortable interior space.

This brochure shows locations decorated with sudare, an element of Japanese culture which we wish to preserve. This brochure is printed in both Japanese and English so that it can be enjoyed by people from around the world.

The Manyo brochure is priced at 5,000 yen per brochure (excluding taxes and shipping fees).

Sudare for Commercial Spaces


Seven types of sudare create an atmospheric, soothing aura in any residential or commercial space. Use any of a wide range of decorative styles and texture designs to bring a sense of calm to rooms through natural materials.

Shikisai 01
Installation examples

Shikisai 02
Material sample sheet

Shikisai 03
Product specifications


Shikada Shitsurai

The ART SUDARE line features sudare blinds made of natural materials printed with any visual design of your choice to make an entirely unique product. We can print photographs, illustrations, writing, or any other visual representation on the sudare. You can use these sudare to enhance the atmosphere in a wide range of spaces, such as store interiors. ART SUDARE products are sure to produce a bold impact to advertise and promote stores.

Shikada Shitsurai

Download the ART SUDARE brochure (Japanese)

Rattan Furniture

Shikada Shitsurai


Rattan helps you feel cool in the summer, and mouton keeps you warm in the winter. The combination of these two different seasonal materials produce a comfortable lifestyle throughout the year in accordance with our design concept: ”A graceful moment is ever beside you.” The rich, dark-brown color of these materials matches a variety of interiors, including modern Japanese-style homes as well as the abodes of senior citizens.

Shikada Shitsurai

Download the Ever Grace brochure (Japanese)


Download the Ever Grace catalog (Japanese)

Rattan Carpets

Shikada Shitsurai

Our rattan carpet catalog presents products made from rattan material, such as Ajiro rattan carpets, regular rattan carpets, entranceway rugs, Japanese-style zabuton cushions, Western-style cushions, and sheets. Ajiro rattan is crafted by hand-weaving thin strips whittled from rattan peels. This material is characterized by its light, soft, and rich texture. Products comes in a wide variety of sizes, chiefly ranging from home entranceway rugs to mats for medium to large rooms measured with a traditional Japanese unit called “jo,” (about 18 sq. ft.; a six-jo room is moderately sized in Japan). Please make sure to request Kagetsu brand rattan carpets when ordering, as there are other products of this kind.

Download the Rattan Carpet 2019 catalog (Japanese)

Product Inquiries

If you have any question about our products, or if you want to request a catalog, please use the form below.